About The Armatura Press

The Armatura Press has been involved in the digital production of archaeological books since 1983, before most of the rest of the publishing industry even noticed the technology existed and were still mucking around with vellum, hot metal, and quills. Specialising in nurturing fine books (in any format) with an exercitological theme (to do with the Roman army, in case we lost you momentarily there), The Armatura Press makes other bleeding-edge publishers look poorly guillotined.

Mike Bishop, the principal teaboy of The Armatura Press, has written some words and even published a select few of them. He prefers designing books to having a real job or going to book fairs (where the rest of the publishing industry spend their time riding on giant carousels whilst drinking coffee); no real books are harmed in this process.

Our latest research is into something we are calling the codex, using a medium of cellulose from reconstituted trees (Pre-Acquired Pulp Environmentally Raised) from real forests and partially coated with an exciting new pan-reflective visual interface medium (Interface for New Knowledge). In its current form it remains inferior to ebooks, but we have high hopes for it in the coming years (once we have solved the weight, smell, size/storage, and feel issues, as well as the soggy mess it makes if dropped in the bath).